Large, Alberta-grown trees

Grown right here in Alberta, the trees are hardy and acclimatized. Grown in root control bags, they are large enough to provide instant impact for your yard ... yet light enough to carry in the back of a pick-up.

Call Wendy on 403-816-6255 to view or purchase.

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Calgary's online plant store

Shop online from the comfort of your own home - and enjoy the convenience of plants delivered right to your door!

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Calgary's newest horticultural community

Greenview Nurseries is under new ownership, and there are big changes afoot!  One of Calgary's oldest and finest nurseries, Greenview has been 'winding down' for a few years, but we're delighted to announce that it's back! Under the umbrella name of Greenview Acres we are now operating as a collaboration between different horticultural businesses...




The permaculture people!

Each business is independent - we just share the space, supporting each other and offering complementary services... because as your garden grows, so do our businesses!

Sunshine Earth Works is a landscape design and construction company specializing in earth repair and permaulture.

Call Jeremy on 403-607-2826 for information


Landscape design and construction

​Greentree has been offering premium landscaping services to discerning homeowners in and around Calgary for over 20 years.

They specialize in rock and brickwork, combined with plants and sod - creating beautiful outdoor spaces with a combination of creativity and the finest craftsmanship.

Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 for a free estimate.



Retail garden centre

Fairytale is a brand new retail garden centre specializing in everything that's hot and hardy this season. The new garden centre is a growing concern, and there's always something new happening!

Call Jazz on 403-401-2685 for opening times

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